Japan IGFからのNational IGF申請書
National IGF Application form from Japan IGF

(太字下線部は申請書の設問項目です。A bold and underline part is a questionnaire of the application form.)

Your name and email address as a Contact person/Coordinator.

It would be helpful if you could provide us a phone number as well.

Name: Izumi Okutani

Email address: contact@japanigf.jp

Phone number: +81-3-5297-2311

Full name of the Initiative

Japan IGF

The list of main organizers [members' full names, affiliations and stakeholder groups]. Please note that it is the requirement to have a minimum of three stakeholder groups (following the IGF classification of the stakeholder groups) should be involved.

Japan IGF Coordination Group:

Tadahisa HAMADA JCAFE [1] Civil Society
Hironobu HAYASHI JPNIC [2] Tech
Hiro HOTTA JPRS [3] Tech
Keisuke KAMIMURA Daito Bunka University Academia
Masanobu KATOH Xinova Japan GK Business
Tsuyoshi KINOSHITA IAjapan [4] Business
Akinori MAEMURA JPNIC [2] Tech
Yoshihiro OBATA BizMobile Inc. Tech/Business
Yumi OHASHI ICANN Japan Liaison Tech
Toshio TACHIBANA ISOC-JP [5]/GREE, Inc. Tech/Business
Shin TAKAMURA MIC [6] Government
Toshiaki TATEISHI JAIPA [7] Tech
Taketsune WATANABE JAIPA [7] Tech

[1] Japan Computer Access for Empowerment

[2] Japan Network Information Center

[3] Japan Registry Services Co., Ltd.

[4] Internet Association Japan

[5] Internet Society Japan Chapter

[6] Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

[7] Japan Internet Providers Association

Japan IGF Coordination Group has two subgroups - "Annual Meeting Coordination Subgroup" and "Continuous Discussion Coordination Subgroup". Each subgroup consists of members from various stakeholder groups as well.

A dedicated webpage or website


If possible, date, time and details on the venue location where you will have your event

There are two types of events we organise: "annual meetings" and "bimonthly meetings".

We hold annual face to face meetings to cover overall topics. In order to facilitate continuous discussions, we have face to face bimonthly meetings and mailing lists, as the platform to empower such discussion. As a result, Japan IGF has bimonthly meetings and annual meetings:

  • Next bimonthly meeting: 19:00-20:30 on 29 November 2016 (UTC+9)
    at Hulic Hall & Conference, Tokyo.
  • Next Annual meeting: tentatively planned in January 2017

In case you already organized your event:

After the event, the initiatives are expected to send the report to the Secretariat. In the report, it should be indicated that your initiative did follow the principles and practices of an open, inclusive, non commercial, and multistakeholder participation in both formulation of the initiative and in any other initiative related events.

Beside the above said, the report should contain the following elements as well:

1. A list of main organizers comprising representatives of at least three different stakeholder groups [full names of the initiatives' members with their affiliations and stakeholder groups to be indicated]

As indicated above, Japan IGF Coordination Group with diverse members plan the events. Each event calls for an open inclusive, non commercial, and multistakeholder participation.

2. A dedicated webpage or website, with a contact person and a working email address

Web page: https://japanigf.jp/ (in Japanese)
Contact person: Izumi Okutani
E-mail address : contact@japanigf.jp

You are also kindly requested to include in your submission the following:

a. Description of the organizing process

a) Annual meetings are organized by "Annual Meeting Coordination Subgroup". Several months before an annual meeting, the subgroup holds several meetings and finalizes the agenda and speakers. In developing the agenda, the subgroup consults people outside the subgroup as well.

b) Bimonthly meetings are organized with an open call for the presentation. Coordination subgroup for the bimonthly meeting, "Continuous Discussions Coordination Subgroup", organizes the meetings and finalize the agenda with the applications for the presentation taken into account. In order to empower the discussion in-between the face to face meetings, a mailing list, for discussions in general is operated. There are additional mailing lists, each dedicated to a specific topic, which are created to discuss and produce statements/documents to be shared/submitted to the global and local communities/public comments.

b. Description of how the multistakeholder model is maintained

As described above, coordination is conducted by members from various stakeholder groups. Periodically, members of the Coordination Group are solicited by open call.

c. The published agenda

For the past meetings, see:

https://www.jaipa.or.jp/topics/igf-japan/ (for annual meetings)


http://igcj.jp/meetings/ (for bimonthly meetings and other activities)

d. The total number of attendees and a break down of attendance for each stakeholder group at the IGF initiatives meetings

For annual meetings:

Participants: 50 - 120

Stakeholder breakdown:

well-balanced among all areas of stakeholders

For bimonthly meetings:

Participants : 20 - 60

Stakeholder breakdown:

Business : 40%
Tech : 30%
Academia : 10%
Government : 10%
Civil Society : 10%

Mailing lists:

Approximately 300 subscribers