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Suggested themes by Japan IGF for NRI sessions at IGF2017

Japan IGF has made the following submission in two surveys conducted by the IGF secretariat, on the themes for National Regional IGF(NRI) sessions at IGF2017 (18-21 Dec 2017 Geneva, Switzerland).

Before the submission, Japan IGF Coordination Group discussed the suggested themes, and shared the draft themes with the community on the public mailing list (member@igcj.jp) and at IGCJ19 meeting (25 May 2017) for any feedback.

NRIs Main Session: suggest topics

Call by the IGF secretariat:

The Call for the NRIs to submit suggestions for the topic of the NRIs Main Session is open until 26 May. All NRIs are encouraged to consult their communities and submit their suggestions through this form. Please note that you are welcome to submit as many suggestions as your community would want to.

Submission by Japan IGF:

  1. "Further actions /discussions by NRIs on IGF2016 outputs"
    Basic concept:
  2. "NRIs' contribution to Internet Governance discussions, and Coordination with existing local fora as an effective local discussions platform"

Basic concept:

Introducing NRI contributions to the Internet Governance discussions in the ecosystem surrounding NRIs in their respective communities, possibly with case studies.

Other NRIs individual sessions: suggest topics

Call by the IGF secretariat:

As we would need to come up with the proposals for the sessions where the NRIs would partner among themselves on a particular topic, we agreed that firstly we will need to identify the topics of mutual interest. Please use this form and propose as many topics as you would want to.

Submission by Japan IGF:

"Accommodating growing access: National/regional strategy for IPv6 including mobile access"

For any questions, contact: contact@japanigf.jp