-    Date: 27 February, 2019

-    Venue: TKP Shinjuku Conference Centre, Shinjuku, Tokyo

-    Organiser: IGF 2018 Debriefing Session Program Committee

-    Hosts: Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA), Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)

-    Sponsor: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications


1. Introduction

-    Keisuke Kamimura (Daito Bunka University)

2. Opening remarks

-    Jun Murai (Professor, Keio University) *remote participation*

  Pointed out that the cyberspace is not more a reflection of the real world anymore, and that a major inversion between the two worlds is taking place today. The Internet is creating a common landscape with a common civilisation. In managing the cyberspace, the understanding of international relations and global politics, as well as the founding principles and architecture of the Internet, is necessary to better deal with issues, such as international movements of funds and free flow of information.

-    Eisaku Yamaji (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) on behalf of Yasuhiko Taniwaki (Director General for Telecommunications )

  With the development of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, the Internet is ever more important and essential to our daily life. At the same time, the problems that it causes are increasingly complicated. Dialogues on Internet governance will hopefully contribute to the global dialogues.


3. Development of the IGF from WSIS to the Paris Call

-    Masanobu Katoh (Xinova, former IGF MAG member)

  Reflected on the development and changes of the international dialogue on Internet governance since the World Summit on the Information Society, and demonstrated how the topics in the dialogue changed over time.

-    Kenta Mochizuki (Mercari, IGF MAG member)

  Highlighted the outcomes of IGF2018. Reviewed how stakeholders interacted with each other in MAG in the planning process of the IGF.

-    Yuri Takamatsu (JPRS)

  Introduced what APrIGF2018 in Vanuatu delivered, and illustrated how the regional IGF initiative in the Asia-Pacific region works in terms of the selection of topics, coordination of the programs, in comparison with the global IGF.


4. Session I: Understanding Macron's Speech

-    Topic I: "The right kind of regulation"

*  Keisuke Kamimura (Daito Bunka University)

*  Hirokazu Igarashi (Ministry for Internal Affairs and Communications)

*  Yuri Takamatsu (Japan Registry Services)

*  Keisuke Katsuki (Internet Users' Association) *remote participation*

  - The panel, quoting what Mr Macron mentioned with regards to 'government regulation' in Internet governance, discussed how the roles of government and other stakeholders have changed in Internet governance and how they may change in a foreseeable future. The panel more or less agreed that the model for Internet governance will keep revisiting in coming years until it is revised in some way or the other.


-    Topic II: "The Internet under threat"

*  Tsuyoshi Kinoshita (Internet Association Japan)

*  Koichiro Komiyama (JPCERT/CC)

  - The panel discussed what Mr Macron mentioned with regards to cyber security, and examined what background we should understand from a perspective of international politics in order to better interpret his message.


5. ICANN64 Primer

-    Jia Rong Low (ICANN)

  Introduced the audience to what ICANN is, how it operates and how ICANN meetings take place, etc.


6. Session II: Engaging the community

-    Topic I: Potential contribution from Japan

*  Toshiaki Tateishi (Japan Internet Providers Association)

  Reflected on how policy consultation with regard to the intermediary blocking of Internet piracy evolved, and failed, and pointed out that the government-convened consultation panel was split over the proposed legal requirements for network operators. Suggested that intermediary content blocking could be a common agenda item for the IGF in coming years.

-    Topic II: Participants' perspectives

*  Hirotaka Nakajima (Mercari)

*  Kenta Mochizuki (Mercari)

*  Satoko Kanemoto (Kyoto University)

  - Illustrated the process of an IGF session proposal. How IGF sessions are planned, proposed, selected and presented and how evaluation criteria are considered. Recommended that IGF sessions should be planned to encourage continuous dialogues and actions afterwards, rather than to stand out as a one off exhibition.

7. Wrap up

-    Keisuke Kamimura (Daito Bunka University)